wildfire women Team


bRITTNEY ANDREESEN | Founder and Creator of Wildfire Women

She loves serving the world by calling out the gold within people, letting them know their dreams matter and this world needs what they carry. She is passionate about story telling, empowering others, and creating meaningful work that will make an impact. She believes when you know who you are and do what you love, you will change the world around you. You will find this girl at a local coffee shop, sipping on some great coffee, at the gym, movie theatre, or outside exploring with friends. Brittney is excited to do life with this amazing community and continue developing new ideas that will serve Wildfire Women.


Communications | rachel lindsay

Rach L has a communications background, and is a creative and curious collaborator. A constant learner, she works with the Wildfire team to develop strategies that squeeze every ounce of goodness out of our online content. Rach helps the team to see the forest from the trees as we narrow copy down to the flashy golden nugget within. Some of the fuel stoking Rach’s wildfire would include bodacious word choice, large and leisurely dinner gatherings, surfing, skiing, yoga, and being immersed in the wild.



Melinda comes to us with years of experience as an image consultant, fashionista, and makeup artist. As the founder of Lady Boss Artistry, she is all about helping others with building self-esteem, confidence and perfecting their image. Melinda has also spent much of her life being involved in event planning, fashion styling, and creative directing, which is why we are confident she is a perfect fit for the role as our Creative Director. With her position, Melinda will be heading our creative department and strategizing the creative process for upcoming events and media productions, all while leading a meet-up and envisioning new ideas that will help benefit our community.


content creator assistant | Amanda panda

Amanda believes that anyone can make a difference. She lives this out by walking in extravagant generosity, whether giving her time to those who are struggling or serving the needs of others, she truly lives the message that it’s better to give than to receive. She uses her creativity to bring hope to the world by connecting everything she does to a cause she believes in. She supports vulnerable women both locally and globally and she knows first hand that difficulty is an opportunity to have courage. She is excited to champion Wildfire Women to believe that anything is possible. Amanda brings fun to whatever she does, she makes an ordinary day a party, her favourite things to do are spending time with friends,  drinking coffee, learning new things, encouraging people through social media and making beautiful things.


community leader | cherri schafer

Cherri has been born and raised in Kelowna. She loves the outdoors as well as the endless variety of adventures and opportunities the sunny Okanagan has to offer year-round. Cherri believes living a holistically balanced life in mind, body, and spirit is key to optimal health and happiness. She believes it is vital for people to empower, build up, encourage, and support one another to become the best versions of themselves, letting go of comparisons so they can reach their full potential and best quality of life.

Community Leader| Katelyn Zomar

Katelyn has a background in writing, web design, construction, and project management. Some of her interests include data science, personal development, outdoor adventure, and business. She has an insatiable appetite for learning and loves to curate resources and experiences with fellow explorers. She believes that everyone has a unique light inside them worth nurturing and sharing.


community leader | courtney geier

Courtney has a background in marketing and PR in many different industries such as fashion, lifestyle, design and tech. She does life on her own terms and aspires to encourage women to see the beauty in themselves and their imperfections. You will find Courtney at just about every dog park in the city walking her adorable dog Grizzle.