The Disappearing Act: It's Really Not That Hard, To Do Better.

Photo Credit: Averie Woodard

Photo Credit: Averie Woodard


Hi there friends, I am bringing you a three-part series about every person’s favorite relationship experience ghosting.  From the initial we don’t care, I’m better off anyways to the intense pain it can sometimes leave behind - I am here to dig into it with you.  If you’re not sure what ghosting is let me explain it to you quickly.

It is when someone stops communicating with you suddenly, without any warning or explanation. Ever again. Poof, gone.  

When this happens I am not sure how to react.  I think there are a few ways to look at it.  We can look into the mind of the person doing it or we can thank our lucky stars.  Today let’s go with the former.  

How is it that we live in a world full of such selfish humans?  I wonder how it got so easy for people to take zero accountability for their actions.  

I realize that ghosting is a result of a person’s inability to take responsibility for their situation.

However, how is this easier than just telling someone “hey, it’s been nice getting to know you, but I don’t think this will work in the long run”.  That is not even exposing you too much criticism.  

I'm SORRY, but you’re not some God of man that my heart is going to be crushed if you’re not into me.  

NEWSFLASH I  don’t want to be with someone who is not interested in me. #StrongIndependantWomen 

It shows courage, to be honest with someone, and honesty is a skill we should hone. So men, AND women that ghost partners, be honest with the person you went on one date with. Please don’t ghost someone you’ve been with for months, or someone who you’ve been talking to for ages, or god forbid someone you might run into at a party...can we say AWKWARD.  

If you start abdicating your duty to be a decent human being you’re creating bad habits.  By ghosting someone you never have to face responsibility for hurting another person, and that does not sound like someone I want to be around let alone date.  Be brave in the face of fear. 

Have ever been ghosted?  Were you surprised? Were you hurt? Did you reach out to the person ghosting you? Have you ever ghosted someone? If so, why did you do it?

To Be Continued...

- Lyndsay Grace