The Conversation with Natasha Vanderburg


Meet Natasha,

I’ve never remembered a time when I didn’t want to create. From a young age, I knew my fire of creativity inside would not be put out.

Fast forward a few years (okay, maybe a little more than that) after spending time working in creative agencies, and I now have the privilege to work with inspiring individuals, businesses and brands to bring their vision to life.

I love to help my clients reach their goals by specializing in meaningful design, including brand design, print design, packaging, watercolour illustration work and more.

In my spare time, I enjoy painting, working out, hanging out with close friends, looking at photos of dogs and eating way too many snacks.

What makes Natasha Smile?

I love seeing people in places where they thrive...where they find purpose and they show their true selves. Whether it’s a career, being a stay-at-home parent, spending time with family, etc - essentially it’s where your soul finds true joy.

Looking back over your childhood, what kind of advice would you tell your younger self?

I think like most adults, you look back and you wish you wouldn’t have cared so much as to what others think. In the scheme of things, you don’t have much to lose when you are just being yourself!

What does everyday life look like in your shoes?

I work part-time as a freelancer, which can often become really full, and honestly - not that pretty.

I enjoy going to the gym at 7am and then going home to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Before work begins, I usually create a checklist of the tasks and projects I need to work on that day, along with clients I need to connect with. I also schedule projects into my calendar for the upcoming month. I either work from home or take my laptop to a coffee shop and I love that I am able to switch it up depending on the day.

I hope to wind down work by 5pm or 6pm which allows me to have the rest of the evening to either cook, hang with family or friends, or join in on a bible study I am connected in. Although, it really depends on the evening and the season I am in.

Tell us how you got into design and illustration?

I’ve always known that I wanted to get into a creative job. From a young age, I never considered anything else. So, as I graduated high school and I took a gap year at bible school, it confirmed that I wanted to continue pursuing art and design. I went to the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and obtained some credibility and now I’m on a life journey of growing, learning and creating!

What's your favourite thing about your job?

I love that each project and each day is different. I love that I can work with people locally here in Kelowna or in a different country. I also love that I can work from home, in my office or in a coffee shop!

Any advice or tips for other boss babes who are trying to start a business, or a side-hustle?

Just go for it. You always have to start somewhere, and most often that somewhere won’t be pretty. You’ll fail, and you’ll learn through it. But I believe that working through trial and errors in a business creates character and determination as you continue to pursue that first dream that sparked joy.

Who has been the greatest mentor in your life and what have you learned from them?

My boyfriend Daniel has been a constant encouragement in my life. I often look to him for business advice and life advice and we really talk about everything. I’m so lucky to have his great wisdom, love and kindness in my life.

What's your wildest dream for your life?

In terms of career, I would love to have a space where creatives and freelancers come together and be together. Think of a brick studio with TONS of natural window light. Somewhere that can be transformed into a shared space for events and workshops. Maybe one day…

Where can people get in touch with you and follow your journey?

You can find me through Instagram, Facebook and of course my website: where you can find an extensive list of my services and most favourite projects! If you are looking to work with me in the future, don’t hesitate to reach out or fill out my contact form on my website!

Social Media Links:

@natasha.vanderburg on Instagram

@natashavanderburgcreative on Facebook

Thanks so much Natasha for sharing a little bit more about who you are, some of your dreams and into your story. Connect with this girl if you’re looking for inspiration, or to see her services!!

Until next time,

Don’t give up on the dream that keeps pulling on your heart.