Steady As She Goes: Part Two


Being happy is a choice ( just one more of those pesky decisions you have on make on the daily ), and as someone who always seems to be hungry for more in life, I have recently been reminded how important it is to recognize the merry moments and to be grateful for what you have.

Last week I attended a workshop and something the presenter said was to audit the time you spend each day.

The context of this was for entrepreneurs to see if what you are spending your time doing is actually helping to put money in your bank account, or if you are needlessly keeping yourself busy.

I am not a small business owner but I am definitely someone who keeps myself occupied. I stay very busy day after day but then complain to my other half about how I’m not where I want to be in life. Which is really hard for someone who only wants you to be happy to hear. It’s ridiculous, and I never want him to feel like I am not thankful for all the good in my life. 

Some people get so consumed by trying to figure out their dreams that they forget to be present on the way there.

Appreciate the roller coaster that is life, you only get one ride. Appreciate, say it with me. A gal I used to work with often would say to our team I appreciate you. Not you’re the best or love ya b*tch, or even the basic thank you. I. Appreciate. You. It’s like the FedEx arrow in that once you see it you cannot un-see it. Once I heard it I could not think of a better way to express gratitude to someone. This is the main phrase in my vocabulary now, I encourage you to try it out you’ll see what I mean once you say it to someone.

Take note of all the good things in your life, take note when something makes you smile or laugh, take note when your vibe is full of joy.

Use this internal list ( or physical list if you’re like me ) to remind yourself of things you can do to brighten your mood if you are having an off day, or if the grey sky is taking its toll on you. My list includes: watching friends, dancing around to music, getting fresh air ( a walk is ideal but sometimes just sitting on the porch for a few minutes breathing it all in ), having a meal with my family, calling my friends who live far and wide, reading, and more. Keep your list top of mind.

I am comfortable identifying things or experiences that bring me happiness, what I need work on is balancing the indulgences with a dedication to my greater goals. In realizing this about myself I thought perhaps there are others who are the opposite of me, people who are hyper-focused and don’t realize that it is vital to stop and smell the roses. 

I need to pick up the pace and get into the fast lane when it comes to what I am going to do with this life of mine, but the real lesson is ... do not give your entire attention to your ambition.

Life is the messy bits. To be aware of what brings you joy and to embrace those things consistently may be the key to a content life. Progress takes time and we will get into that a little more next time, till then, remember equal parts focus and appreciation. 

- Christine Mould

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