Steady As She Goes: Part One


My dear friend's mom always used to say any decision is a good decision. At first, I thought that wasn’t true, because let's face it not all decisions have a positive outcome, but it turns out it is pretty good advice. Decision making is tough, and life is a never-ending stream of decisions, so at some point, it would be great if decision making was not so difficult. Each choice you make, as insignificant as some may seem, can affect the way your life takes shape. 

If you can make one definitive decision, you have just created the starting criteria for your next decision.

Just making that one choice narrows the scope of all the following decisions to be made.

The mother of all questions that surely crosses every person's mind at some point is “What am I going to do with my life?” That question can feel so massive, so wide open, so daunting to attempt to answer, but it doesn’t have to be. My advice is to start building your criteria. 

I’ve known for a long time that someday I want to be a mother. It is always somewhere in my mind when making a decision. From big choices like where am I going to live? ( Answer, somewhere that has maternity capabilities in their hospital. Believe it or not, there are many small towns that don’t have this service available ), to smaller decisions like do I want to vacation in this place pre or post kids? It is the start of my criteria.

In the present day, the biggest decision it is playing a part in is my career. On the “What am going to do with my life drawing board” I am still in the research phase.

I don’t currently have any little ones but it is definitely a major part of my future and knowing that fact is helping me narrow the scope of what I would like to spend my time doing in order to be the kind of mother I want to be someday.

I know decision making can be scary, stressful and even cause anxiety, but progress feels good, and every decision you make moves you along.

Being stuck in limbo is about as fun as locking your keys in your car in the middle of nowhere.

The only way to get out of limbo is to make a change, to decide that your life is going to be more. More Exciting. More Joyous. More Active. More Relaxed. More Balanced. More whatever you need it to be. 

The thing about decisions is there will always be another one, so the next time you are struggling to make a choice, remember the words of my dear friend’s mum, any decision is a good decision. Make that first decision, and see where you go from there. 

- Christine Mould 

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