Meet Chelsea Jade: Film Director

How did your journey as a filmmaker develop?

Since childhood I have been drawn to the arts. It has been a language I have understood and something that came naturally and passionately. However, I could not find an art form that I fully connected with. I made my first film at 16 and it was like a light bulb went off. I had found the best way, for me, to convey emotion, opinion and story. I was hooked!

Being a woman in the film industry…what is the biggest thing you've learned so far?

Don’t take anything personally. It is, no doubt, a challenge at times to be in an industry that is male dominated. I have learned to work extremely hard, mentally and physically but it has made me a stronger filmmaker. In the end it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you all work equally as hard to create an end product that you can hopefully be proud of. If a film can not only make an audience cry and laugh but change their views and opinions on life, I don’t care if that film was directed by a male of female, a story speaks for itself. 

What has been one of your biggest insecurities in life and how do you personally overcome those inner battles?

I battle with ego on a daily basis. You don’t enter this business without having one and because of that ego I am wretched with insecurities. Is my work good enough? Will I ever climb to the top? Will I win a bunch of awards? To keep myself balanced, emotionally, I communicate a lot with my friends and family. I have also been blessed with mentors in the industry male and female that can relate to these issues and offer advice. I also try to write and create projects that will benefit my community to create win win situations and ground myself to what is really important. 


Talking about women empowerment, what does that look like for you in your life?

Empowerment for me is also another word for freedom. I do not nor will I ever feel shackled to a job, a relationship or a society. I choose to be in this industry and love every ugly part of it, I choose to be in my relationship and respect my partner whole heartedly and finally I choose to be a part of society and society will be all the better because I am in it…that to me is the power of women and women empowerment. 

When you really dig deep… What comes to mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?

I see someone who is not perfect but is happy. I see someone who knows the power of love and has fully immersed herself in it. 

What's one of your wildest dreams that hasn't manifested yet in your life… but you can't wait for it to become a reality?

I am working very hard towards writing, funding and directing my own feature length film. It is no easy task to do even one of the three but no dream is too big and no goal is unreachable. 

If you were in a room with a bunch of crazy women dreamers… What would you tell them?

Intuition never lies. Silence the noise around you and go with your gut. I have always followed that little voice inside and it has never let me down. If it feels right it is right, never second-guess that.