Meet our NEW Community Leader

Courtney has a background in marketing and PR in many different industries such as fashion, lifestyle, design and tech. She does life on her own terms and aspires to encourage women to see the beauty in themselves and their imperfections. You will find Courtney at just about every dog park in the city walking her adorable dog Grizzle.

We did a little interview with Court so you ladies could get to know her more. 💕

How are you growing in new ways? What things are causing you to grow?

Through my journey, there has always been something new to learn about myself and the world. Right now, at this moment, my focus is to not sweat the small stuff, embrace my imperfections and learn to accept who I am as not only a person but a woman. 

♥️What is something you’re being intentional about right now? What is getting your attention?

I find peace within myself and share it with others around me. I strive to meditate daily and reflect on the items in my life that I most grateful for. Journaling is a big part of my daily routine. 

♥️Name something you find empowering or are empowered by?

Self expression through art and music. I play the piano and cello and believe there is nothing more powerful than bringing a piece of music to life through an instrument. 

♥️What are you passionate about?

I am always looking for new insights that people have and I am truly inspired by other people who dream big and aspire to be something bigger than themselves. 

♥️I’m igniting my wildfire by…

Taking each day as they come, surrounding myself with positive and inspiring women and striving to be the best version of myself.

Courtney is now leading a wildfire women meetup that will be happening once a month. If you love food, exploring new things, learning new recipes, experiencing different restaurants and wineries... this meetup is for YOU! You can join the Wildfire Foodies Group on Facebook, so you can stay in the loop with everything.