Meet Laurence Makano: Girl Boss


I have known Laurence for a few years now and I think she's pretty awesome. She really believes in love, happiness, integrity, loves herself a big bowl of salted caramel ice cream ( who wouldn't ) !! She also enjoys entertaining people and making them feel like a million bucks.  

Laurence currently resides in Kelowna, B.C Canada and is the owner and lead designer of Pandore Event Group and FleuRich Creations. As a wedding and floral designer, she strives to make planning easy and stress-free. There is nothing she loves more than seeing the moment of joy when her clients see their vision come to life, and she wants that for everyone she works with. 

Enjoy today's women feature as we dive into her story, what self-love looks like for her, what words of encouragement she has for us and much more. 

When did you realize you wanted to be a full-time entrepreneur?Did you have a moment of saying yes to fully commit to the entrepreneur life?

I didn’t really decide to be a full-time entrepreneur, it just kind of happened. I moved here from Montreal after quitting my corporate job of 4 years in the cosmetic industry and I didn’t really have a plan, but I knew I didn’t want to go back to working a 9-5 job. After a few months of getting a feel of Kelowna, I started Pandore Event Group - an event planning company and recently, my soon-to-be husband and I opened FleuRich Creations, a floral design business. So I guess I am now fully committed to being an entrepreneur.  I don’t think anyone chooses the entrepreneur life, it chooses you. 

You have recently launched a new business, tell us more about that?

Yes, that would be FleuRich Creations. It’s an extension of Pandore Event Group. We offer floral design services and decor rentals for weddings, events and/or businesses. It’s exciting, everything is coming together. 

How have you personally adapted to change, transition, new seasons in your life? And do you have any advice for others who are currently going through life transitions?

I personally retreat when I go through changes or transitions in my life. I like to be alone in my thoughts and in my feelings. I process things at my own pace and allow myself to readjust. I don’t get to do that on the job. I have to think quick and make decisions on the spot, so in my personal life, I give myself some time. An advice I would give to someone going through a life transition is - be selfish. Allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling. We pressure ourselves to reprogram/readjust for other people’s convenience and often overlook our own needs. Go with the flow. Do what works for you, you’ll know what it is.

What is your life mission?

As cheesy as it sounds, my life mission is to do great things and be a good person. Of course, I want to be successful, have enough money to live a happy life, start a family etc, I am a very simple person. But everything I do, I do it for me and my fiancé. I want us to be happy and make other people happy. 

What does self-love look like for you? 

Self-love is knowing who you are and appreciating every inch of you. The good and the bad, of course. When you love yourself, you don’t feel like you owe anyone an explanation for being you. You don’t feel like you have to apologize for you being you. Whatever you do, you do it for you and it doesn’t have to be about someone else.

How do you deal with the comparison as a business owner and creative entrepreneur?

I used to want to book clients by any means until I realized that it was going against everything I was trying to build for myself and/or my business. So I don’t worry about it anymore. If a potential client compares my business to another, then that potential client isn’t a right fit for me. People can shop around, that’s their right. I am not building my business to do it better or cheaper than someone else. I want to work with people who understand me and appreciate my style. There are other business owners in my industry that do a wonderful job, there’s plenty of talent in Kelowna. If I can’t help someone, I will gladly refer them to someone else. Community over competition.

What makes Laurence smile?

My dogs, my fiancé, and coming home to a glass of wine. In that order. 

If you were given a mic to speak to thousands of women in a room, what would you tell them?

I would tell them how wonderful we are and that together, we can do great things. 

What can we see from you next? Any new business projects coming soon?!

I am working on re-branding Pandore Event Group and focus on planning in-house events such as retreats; pop-up dinners and parties. I have so many ideas, it’s about time I start executing. 

* We hope today's Women feature inspired you to keep chasing your wildest dreams. Never give up, you never know what door of opportunity could open for you today, tomorrow or this month.  Keep going girl, you got this!!!