Meet Kate Fert: Social Media Influencer


Katelyn Fertig , otherwise known as Kate Fert on Instagram, is a 20 year old social media influencer. Kate is originally from Red Deer, Alberta, but moved to the Okanagan two years ago to pursue her online platform and education in business. Over the years of posting lifestyle shots and beauty tips, she has gained a strong and loyal following on Instagram. Kate has recently pursued a YouTube channel where she vlogs her life and shares personal stories with her viewers. When Kate is not in school or on social media, you can find her on a boat wake surfing, and enjoying her time with friends and family. She is so happy to have the opportunity to work with Wildfire Women, adding to the conversation of empowering women to be themselves. 

How would your best friends describe you? 

Vibrant, full of life, energetic, caring, loving, fashion-forward, creative.

You are currently a business student here in Kelowna. why you wanted to go down the business career path? 

I think taking the business program is one of the smartest things that a woman can do for herself. I am grateful for the opportunity to go to school and further educate myself in the business world, and now I am applying my knowledge to my online presence. I was never good at math or science in grade school...I always found myself wanting to chat with my friends instead, but the one thing I had a huge passion for was technology and social media. Going into a business career path, I have learned that business has a lot to do with who you are as an individual. You need to use your best attributes to become an efficent and effective business woman. I wanted to take the business course to further understand my passion for people and educate myself on digital marketing. 

Being a social influencer yourself, what advice would you give to someone getting started in the social Media world? 

I have always had this theory that if someone is trying to be someone that they aren’t, eventually they will crack. I say this because I have seen a lot of influencers in social media; they loose passion for things very quickly, and it reflects on their page. With that being said, my advice would be to truly be yourself for your following. People will feel more connected to an influencer who is being their authentic self because that influencer is being the best person they can be. I would also suggest being as creative as possible, going against the rest of the pack because the more unique you are, the more interest this creates. The same goes for YouTube: I started my channel sharing who I was and what I was doing with a twist on my crazy, bubbly personalty. If you are wanting to get more connected with people, YouTube is a great way to start showing who you really are. Just start filming whatever you feel like.. and BE YOUR AWESOME SELF!

What is the message you want to portray through your personal brand?

The message I always want to portray to my following is that even though Instagram is a fun distraction from the real world, I am just a normal girl who has a big passion for people and sharing a fun, happy lifestyle. I hope that my following can relate to me and feel connected to me. Being a social media influencer, I want my following to know we are all equal and I want us to learn and grow together as women who love beauty and living life to the fullest!


Describe what empowerment looks like for you?

To me, empowerment is being proud of who you are and accepting that your flaws are what make you a work of art. For myself, empowerment means making sure that you can love yourself so that you can love others. I have always wanted to help women of all ages know that they are valuable to the world. This message gets very misconstrued between different groups and it is about time we just be nice to one another. We have come a long way, but have a lot more work thats needs to be done. 

What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty to me means being just as beautiful on the inside as the out. Beauty isn't just a look to me, it is how you act and treat others around you. I believe there is beauty in everything in life, you just have to think positively to see it. Makeup is one size that fits all and it can bring women together to create and empower each other. Makeup is a tool I use for myself to help me create the beauty I feel within, and I get to share that every day on social media. My favourite beauty things that I like to focus on are self love, good hair (@thextensionist) and great eyelashes (@reverielashstudio). 

What are you looking forward to next in your career and life? 

I'm looking forward to finishing up my business diploma so that I can finally focus on my career in social media marketing. Over the next couple years, I plan to continue expanding my reach, really sharing my passion with people. When I finally launched my YouTube channel, I decided that this was something I wanted to further pursue, and I will have the time to do so very soon. I have tons of ideas for the future, but you're just going to have to stay tuned to find out! 

Do you have any words of encouragement for the wildfire women community? 

My word of encouragement to the Wildfire Women community would be to never apologize for who you are and continue to shine as your true self. Something I have really tried to practice in my life is making time for myself. It is so easy to get caught up in life's antics, but it is important to take the time to do things for yourself. If you can't love yourself, how can you love someone else?

How can people get in contact with you? 

For collaboration purposes, the best way to get in contact with me is my business email However, if you are looking for beauty tips, or have any questions regarding my social media platform, the best way to contact me would be through Instagram direct messages. I love hearing from other women and I am always looking for feedback in how I connect to all of you. 

Instagram: @katefert | SnapChat: @kate.fert | YouTube: