Meet Hillary Ross: Singer & Song Writer


Let’s jump in and get to know you more... Describe the depths of who you are?

Oh boy. What a question...let’s see! I’m pretty much an open book once you get to know me, but I really identify with the mermaid persona due to the mysteriousness they naturally carry. Upon first impression, due to my creative and introverted personality, people usually think I’m standoffish or “mysterious,” but I’m just really chill, kind, quiet, and authentic. Once someone gets to know me, they find out I’m pretty hilarious and such a loyalist –  almost to a fault. 

What does everyday life look like in your shoes? 

It really depends on what type of shoes I’m wearing that day! I live in my red Blundstones, and in the house I wear the amazing handmade prized moccasins that I got at a thrift store for only 20 cents!! My Blundstones get me to work as the comfort and accessibility they offer suit my busy lifestyle. When I’m not at work, I’m making music, recording, producing, hiking, songwriting and hanging out with friends developing community. I won’t go into any more detail about shoes here, but.....I love shoes! When I perform I always wear something fun and sparkly. I don’t believe in heels – only wedges – because I’m a slave to comfort.

Beyond shoes, a normal day for me usually starts with journaling, having a smoothie and helping people I encounter throughout the day. I love encouraging others and bringing more sunshine into their day by simply being kind and loving! I also try to stick to a routine which consists of making sure to get some form of exercise and practice music every day. 

What was the path that lead you to discover your passion as a Singer / SongWriter? 

I’ve always known I’ve wanted to do it deep down in my soul. At age 3, I wrote my first song! But there were many years of self doubt in between, feeling like the dream was too big for me. However, I heard recently it’s good to have a dream that scares you...that’s a Divine dream! I was in fear and afraid to share my gift for a long time. One day my friend encouraged me to go perform at an open mic; I was terrified. She said, “Just sing to the One who created your voice and loves to hear you sing!” That shifted everything for me. Today, getting up and performing, I’m so grateful for that breakthrough as it’s so liberating and a huge joy being as free as a bird.

What’s the message you want to portray through your music? 

My music is mainly about relationships with myself, the Creator, dating, and love. There is a pureness of heart in my songwriting, because each song literally comes from my heart. I rarely ever just sit down to write a song, but I’m always ‘catching’ new songs, recording them in the moment, and then re-working them as they grow and linger. There is a pureness and wholesome message that naturally is woven into the fabric of my songs. Purity in desiring authentic and vulnerable human connection, purity in relationships, creativity, sexuality, and purity for a cleaner, greener, healthier planet. 

Tell us about your New EP. What inspired you to write this EP? What is the heartbeat behind it?

My new EP is called Kintsugi Cœur. 

During the season I wrote these specific songs, I was on a journey getting back into my relationship with God – and myself – at a deeper level. I went through a really rough breakup last year and I think it was the first time my heart actually shattered. I literally had chest pain and panic attacks for months. It was unbearable. I was so naive to give my heart away like that...I just didn’t have the wisdom to guard it well. However, this experience really opened me up. I think I was living on a surface level before and took everything for face value. So, the concept of Kintsugi, restoring broken pottery together with gold and making it more beautiful than it ever was before, has been the process of my heart. God has been restoring it and I know I’ve changed and become a stronger, more tender-hearted person. Now I can finally say I am grateful for the pain, but I would never want to live through it again, so I’m also thankful for the wisdom learned.

Tell us about your exciting music tour! where can people check you out?!

Yes! I’m so excited! I am going on tour at the end of May and dates will be announced soon on all my social media pages! My first show will be May 25th at Record City in Vernon, BC, with another Kelowna local, Bethany Petch! 

What is next for Hillary besides music? 

I have been accepted to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California for this fall! I am excited to grow and meet new people along the way, and take a break from my lovely life here in Kelowna. It’s been on my heart the last couple years to go, and the timing is right, but I’ll definitely be back! Kelowna is my home!! 

Where can people follow along with you and your journey? 

I love Instagram. I post there lots and my handle is @syrenandthewaves also follow me on Spotify "Syren and the Waves". My merch and music can be purchased on Bandcamp at

Thanks for taking the time to read today's feature interview. We love featuring people's stories as we all have one that is powerful to share. It's cool because we can learn from one another and celebrate with eachother as we go after our wildest dreams.

- Brittney Andreesen