Life Journey: You're stuck and it's terrifying

I am very excited to share this topic with you today, as I am sure most of you will be able to relate. Lately I've been really struggling with the feeling of being stuck. I have had to take some time to stop and figure out how to get past this feeling. Hopefully what I share with you will help you overcome similar feelings.

I found myself starting to obsess about my past, whether it be mistakes, bad decisions or even missed opportunities. At times like this, it's hard to stay positive, but, you have to find the thing that will keep you moving forward. Again, I had to get out of my own way and push these negative thoughts aside.

Then a funny thing happened. I noticed there are some things that I still need to heal on. I had to understand that it's ok. When we are hurt by something, there is scar tissue left. This will at times make us feel sad.

Allow yourself to feel sad. Cry! Let it out. But then, when it's time to get moving, get moving.

We always focus on our goal to get physically healthy. Lose some pounds, eat right, fit that dress or bathing suit. It is very important to be physically healthy, but never forget how important it is to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Hello! Can't get much done when my brain is all cluttered. We need to clear our heads. Our brain and our emotions are very fragile, do not neglect them.

As I said before, lately I have been feeling stuck. It's going to happen. So I reminded myself that if I'm not moving forward, I'm sitting still. So I needed to get myself moving. Even taking baby steps is progress.

Remember it's in your control to make things happen. Don't let time just go by and wish something had happened. 

Examine yourself and tap into your potential. You will be surprised by what you find in yourself. I know I surprise myself when I push myself. So get out of that rut. Get off that hamster wheel. There's no point going round and round accomplishing nothing. This will rob you of peace. At these times, we need to hike up our socks, hold our heads up high and keep moving.

Boredom can also be a huge cause for making you feel like you are in a rut. Find something that will help you be creative. This is the reason why I started writing this blog.

Talking to you about my own setbacks, negative feelings or my own positive growth helps me stay out of that rut. 

Set yourself a goal and by all means enjoy the journey to accomplishing it. It's not all about the end. It's about the adventure. Never stop enjoying it. 

Free yourself from that rut and get yourself unstuck. Set your goals and don't be afraid to reach them. You owe it to yourself. 

Keep positive and keep taking those steps. 

Till next time,

Melinda xo