I Met Him Online

It starts off as a simple question to you and your guy “So… how did you two meet?” 

You begin to sweat and try to come up with a romantic version of saying you met online, through a dating app. 

Admit it, we’re all in love with the idea of love and how people in love met. But, I’m here to tell you that I found my partner online and I couldn’t be more proud of that fact. 

When people ask me how Matthew and I met, I proudly say we met online, because, without the help of Bumble, I probably wouldn’t have met the guy of my dreams. 

I don't get sweaty and I don't try to come up with a more romantic version of our meeting. Our story is romantic just the way it is. Even if it includes swiping right. 

Yes, I swiped right on my boyfriend and I’d like to take a second to thank the founders of Bumble for bringing this man into my life. 

To rewind a bit, I’ve always been in love with love. It may seem strange because I’ve had my fair share of unloving moments. My parents separated when I was a young girl and my mom ran away with us, leaving me fatherless for my developing years. 

I never saw my parents in love. Growing up they had separate bedrooms and separate lives. 

Even though I never saw love first-hand, I’ve couldn’t wait to have it one day. I’ve always wanted to give my all to someone I love. To nurture them. To support them. To encourage them. To see their dreams come to. To walk through life with them. 

I’ve always wanted it but I never thought I would find it, especially not online. 

When I grew up, online dating was for older, divorced women. It eventually changed to form a hookup culture... something I didn’t want to take part in. 

But, something told me to try Bumble, an online dating app where the woman has to talk first. The thing with Bumble is that if the woman doesn’t speak with within 24 hours the match deletes. How intimidating! 

That was it. 

I had the moment of clarity to download the app, so I did. I clicked open the app and started swiping. I came across Matthew pretty quickly and swiped right on him (this meant I was interested in him). I thought he was an attractive, witty man with dreams and aspirations. 

Matthew and I matched, which meant I had 24 hours to get the courage to speak to him. I was nervous. I didn’t send him anything. 

The 24 hours were ticking by quickly and the chance for Matthew and me to connect was running out. 

But, a tricky addition to Bumble is that a guy can extend one match by 24 hours and that’s exactly what Matthew did for me. 

It showed that he wanted to speak with me. He was interested and although he couldn’t speak to me first, the first move was made by him. 

I followed by sending him the classic “Hello Matt, enjoying your evening?”

That was December 13th. 

I never did match with anyone else on Bumble and I stopped using the app the next day once I got Matthew’s number. 

Through our first initial conversations, I could tell that Matthew was a man of his word. He showed his kind, caring heart to me and I knew he was special. 

We went on our first date at the Bean Scene on Bernard and then for pizza at Tree Brewing. We both left thinking to ourselves how well that first date went. I was smitten. 

The dating continued throughout January with a New Year’s party, a film festival, ice skating, mini putt and some delicious dinners made by Matthew. 

Fast forward to today, July 25th. It’s been seven months since Matthew came into my life and my heart has grown seven times bigger than it was before. 

He has shown me that I deserve the love and affection that he gives me. He leads the way and supports my dreams and encourages me to chase after the things I want to accomplish in life. He reaches for my hand while we’re walking, he provides for me by cooking amazing meals and he gives me the support I've always looked for in someone. 

He’s my person. 

Matthew checks off every single item on my make-believe "ideal partner list". He’s a hard working, career focused, sensible, funny and caring man. He puts his family and friends first and he considers my love languages and has filled my life with such positivity, adventure, and love since we became a pair. 

If it wasn’t for Bumble and the switch for it to be acceptable to meet your person online, I wouldn’t have Matthew in my life, and I couldn’t imagine a life without him now. 

So, thank you Bumble for matching Matthew and me. 

If you’re thinking of trying online dating, but you’re nervous because of all the horror stories, let my love story be your inspiration. There are good men out there and just because you meet them online doesn’t diminish your love story at all. 

Download an app, put your heart out there and maybe you’ll find your "Matthew" too. 

Molly Gibson Kirby

Founder of the blog Thebookofmolly.com