You can never go wrong with a red lip. A classic red can be worn all year round and is sure to make you look just that, classic. It can be the focus of a casual everyday look or compliment a smokey eye for an evening out. When you find your perfect red, it will be with you forever. 

In the last few years, I have come to have a great appreciation for red lipstick and lipstick in general. In my 20s I gravitated towards lip gloss. Now in my 30s I always go for lipstick. It makes me feel like a woman. Even with no other makeup on, a quick swipe of lipstick can help me feel more confident as I take on my day. And, especially in those situations when there is no time for makeup in the morning, I always go for a bold color like one of my favorite reds because it brightens my entire face.

Quick tip - smudge and blend a little lipstick onto your cheeks for an on the go cream blush. 

As a freelance makeup artist and huge beauty enthusiast, I have the opportunity to try so many products and colors in my personal use and on clients. I thought it would be fun to share the reds I am loving right now and why I love them.

Caryl Baker Visage Lipstick in Deadly Kiss 

This is the truest of red lipsticks. It has a blue undertone making it a cool color and one that will compliment many skin tones. This lipstick is formulated emollient and gluten-free to keep your lips soft and supple. The creamy texture does require that the product is reapplied but the handy mirror in the lids of their lipstick cases, make touch-ups a breeze on the go.

Urban Decay in Heat

This sheer shimmer bronze red is one I wear a lot of everyday. It is formulated with gold flecks giving it a brick red finish. The shimmer component helps to make lips look fuller the and a butter blend the product is formulated with makes this lipstick comfortable to wear every day. This lipstick is a medium coverage/wear product and easy to touch up throughout the day and night.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso

This red is a show stopper and people stopper, I always get compliments when I wear this red. Similar to the Caryl Baker Visage red, the blue undertones in this red make it easy for many skin tones to wear but this formula is more ideal for someone who is not interested in doing touch-ups throughout the day. This is a comfortable liquid lipstick to wear but I personally like a more moveable lipstick for everyday wear. One thing I do love about this “stay in place” formula is that I can use it to draw outside my lip line to make my lips look fuller.

If you are looking for something to brighten your winter or spruce up your makeup collection, I hope this red lipstick rundown will help you to find the perfect red for your pout. 

- Heather Lapier