Grace Baby Girl: Why Is It So Hard


If you’re anything like me - giving grace to other people is much, much easier than giving grace to yourself. 

For some reason we are so much more inclined to let somebody else off of the hook than we are ourselves. 

So what is “grace” anyway? Grace is free and unmerited favor.

Most of us who are believers in Jesus know grace as what was poured out onto us by what He did on the cross all of those years ago. 

If grace is given so freely to us by the God of the Universe…then why is it so hard to accept it and let it flow in and out of our hearts like running water? 

I think it’s because we don’t think we DESERVE it. And guess what? We are right. We DON’T deserve it.

The sooner we realize that, swallow our pride and realize that it truly is UNMERITED favor...the easier it is to let grace in. 

If we are waiting to earn our Grace, we will be waiting a very long time. Actually, real talk - we will be waiting forever. Because waiting until you think you “deserve” grace would be waiting until you think that you are perfect, that your life is perfect, that your decisions are perfect and that you are in control of your perfect little world.

It ain't gon’ happen, girlfriend. 

Not only is living in perfection UNATTAINABLE….it’s a downright fantasy-land. NOTHING ON THIS EARTH IS PERFECT. And nothing ever will be. 

So with that in mind - why strive and strive and hold out on giving yourself Grace, until things are “just right”?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just breathe, let the perfectionism GO, and live your life in a state of grace?

I don’t know about you, but I can already feel the knots in my stomach disappear and the weight lift off of my shoulders when I think about trading in my striving for Grace. 

Living in the Grace space ISN’T a fantasy. 

Living in grace is a choice. 

A choice to surrender all of the grief, strife, anguish, pushing and pulling - and to LET YOURSELF OFF OF THE DANG HOOK, baby girl. 

By: Cherisse Redmond

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