Free + Wild: My Body is a Temple


Being happy and confident comes from experiences, sure. But it also comes from the inside out as well. You can’t very well exude confidence + badassery if you’re not in tune, happy, an accepting of the vessel that houses it all – your body.

It’s way easier said than done, sadly. From comparisons, to societal standards, to fad diets and opinions, loving your body becomes one of the most complex parts of life.


Here’s how to simplify it. To start owning your body, and loving it. All. By. Yourself. Because the first thing you shouldn’t do is rely on other people to tell you how you’re doing, looking, or should be feeling. 

First off, find a mirror and get naked (probably best if its not a public one but hey, free the nip).

It takes approximately 21 days to form a habit, and it’s proven that repetition yields results. I know looking in the mirror right now might suck, but the more you do that, everyday, and force yourself to say nice things about your body, everyday, be it about appearance or performance; you will start to believe it and you will see it. You can literally make anything happen in this world when you channel the right energy and stick with it.

So turn up your frequency, and channel those positive thoughts and vibes. You can love yourself if you just keep trying. 

Next, find movement that you love and make time for it.

It might be the gym doing cross fit, it might be a run, it could be an intramural sport, it might be walking a dog, it might be having a raging dance party, it might be gardening, or yoga, or jump rope, or biking IT COULD BE LITERALLY ANYTHING.

Whatever you do, don’t force yourself into doing something you don’t want to do just for the sake of feeling like you “have” to. There are umpteen options for you to reach your results without compromising your happiness.

And whatever else you do; COMMIT. You already know it’s something you love, you know it will benefit you, so bite the bullet and commit.

Don’t half commit, don’t maybe do it, don’t press snooze until you feel the guilt, be accountable and make the decision. If it’s really what you want, every aspect of your life will benefit. 

Just ask my mom who now easily gets up at 530 am for the gym 3x a week because she was tired of having trouble moving off the couch (literally, she like struggled to get up one night and was like ugh this isn’t okay). She now actually notices her body not feeling as good if she has to miss a workout.

Is she some fit supermodel now? Nah.

But she feels way better, she can perform everyday movements without losing her dignity, and even go beyond that! And heck the woman’s even got some more toned arms/booty now! (not too much mom, don’t worry)

If you find something you love, something that makes you feel good and want to work towards something; make the time, make the effort and work through the yucky hard parts – trust me, there will be hard parts – because it’s pushing through those that really builds that bad-ass you from the inside out.

The third step to body worshiping is to allow.

Just straight up allow yourself! Allow yourself to have days off, to eat treats, to have bad days and to have GREAT days. You shouldn’t feel guilty for any of it. The key thing is balance. This comes with time and it comes with practice, it comes with getting to know YOUR personal needs and wants. But to get to any point of balance and acceptance, you have to just allow yourself. Every step of the way. (And also, just do yourself a favor and within that balance include some veggies okay? Good for you, good for the planet. Good.)

Lastly, the best way to work towards loving your body, the first step, and part of every step the entire way, is to talk about it.

Now, I don’t mean self-pity I feel like shit, I’m gross, standing various distances from the mirror analyzing all of your flaws let’s bash on ourselves together talk. And I also don’t mean I love me look how hot I am talk either. What I mean is just natural conversation about how you’re feeling with others. Hearing people relate to you, and throwing out your insecurities into an accepted non-judgmental space is the best place to toss em’.

So say how you’re feeling, and then say something good, let someone else say how they feel and then say something good.

Relate with each other on how you both feel the same way which you never would’ve imagined because you think she always looks “so perfect!”. We are all SO much more alike than we could ever imagine and the best way to beat down those ugly consuming thoughts about others being perfect and better is to just talk about it, hear what they really have to say, what’s behind what you see. Sooner than later you won’t be feeling so insecure, guaranteed!

- Alyssa Walsh

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