Don't Give Up: Stay Focused + Remind Yourself What is Important

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Everyone slips up.

You occasionally lose track of what is truly important to you and often neglect your own aspirations and goals.

This is completely natural, and is often due to other aspects of life that not only get in the way of pursuing your goals and interests but tire you out on a daily basis; leaving little to no motivation and energy left. Reminder: this is OKAY. It does not in any way mean you’re failing or that you won’t succeed. Put simply, it means that you have to remind yourself of what you want to accomplish and be mindful of how you’re going to accomplish these goals.

Being mindful isn’t always easy and often requires not only re-evaluating certain aspects of your life to decide what is truly important to you but, arguably more importantly, understanding what makes you happy. This is not something that can be done half-heartedly and you must truly appreciate the journey that comes along with setting goals for yourself.

Some days are harder than others because life can get distracting and sometimes you are juggling career goals, body positivity goals, and general life goals. While we might think we can do everything, our bodies — just like our minds — need a break. You need to be mindful of what is on your plate and your expectations in terms of timeline as well as progress.  

Every step towards your goals and aspirations is worth being excited for and this is something people often forget. Everyone wants results, and this can cause you to be more critical of your journey and make it easier for you to give up. It’s okay to have a bad day. It’s also okay to take a break. But what isn’t okay is giving up on your dreams because you have a lot on your plate or because you think you’re not worthy or incapable of accomplishing them.

Examples to help you stay focused and be mindful

  • Write your goals AND your progress down

  • Create a plan, even if it is not a step-by-step guideline it will help to visualize

  • Take time out of each day, week, or month to reflect on your progress

  • Celebrate the minor accomplishments because they are important too

  • Try to create smaller goals so that it motivates you to accomplish your true goals

  • Ask for help, even if it’s something so minor having support is always necessary

  • Talk it out with people who care about you and support you

  • Try to get together with close friends and create goals together because it’ll motivate you to accomplish them

  • Finally, learn to reflect on the good and bad days and recognize your successes as well as your failures (It will help you become more strategic and realize areas that you might need improvement or outside help)

Call to action

Focus on you and what makes you happy. The most important thing about being mindful of your goals and aspirations is understanding what is important at the end of every day and accepting that you might fail along the way but the journey is so important to help you learn and grow. Start writing those goals down and visualizing your successes because when we steer away what we deem important, we lose sight of everything.

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Hello!  My name is Amanda Staniszewska.

I currently work as a repair co-ordinator for an engineering company based in Montreal, but I work from home. I am also working as a server part-time. I recently graduated from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in honours criminology. I love reading and writing and I love helping people feel empowered to not only be themselves but also pursue their dreams. I am an athlete and I spend quite a bit of time in the gym working on myself; something I find very therapeutic. I also LOVE spending time outdoors whether it’s camping or going for a hike. My family and friends are very important to me and I’d do anything for them! I’m really excited to continue writing for Wildfire Women ☺ ☺