Creating Mindfulness at Home



I like to think of our homes as sanctuaries from the busy outside world. But sometimes it’s hard to leave that world at the door. That’s why creating and fostering mindfulness at home is beneficial to the overall quality of our lives.


Mindfulness is a state of mind where we pay attention on purpose, to something in the present, without judgement. 

It sounds simple enough, but nowadays, it’s proving to be a challenge. There are so many distractions, like our never-ending to-do list and our smartphones.

And then there’s our thoughts. Most of the time our minds are thinking about the past or the future. Instead of focusing on the present, we’re thinking of things like: Did I turn off my curling iron? I need more time! I wonder if that client will email me back?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. A Harvard study found that during waking hours, people reported that their minds were wandering 47% of the time, which means nearly half the time we’re awake, we're on autopilot.


Those seemingly harmless thoughts and distractions are actually preventing us from being fully present in the here and now.  And it’s making us unhappy!


While we can’t control the outside world, we can control what happens in our homes. By making a few changes in your home, you can begin to practice mindfulness.

Here are a few ways to start creating mindfulness at home:


Set boundaries when it comes to technology. Whether that means keeping your smartphones out of the bedroom, having a no internet policy after a certain time, or ditching social media on the weekends, having boundaries will give your mind time to recharge.  


By clearing the clutter, you clear your mind so you can focus on the present. You don’t have to tackle it all at once, start with one category like clothing. Keep items that you really love, use, or need, and let go of the rest.


Part of mindfulness includes being aware of our present environment. So, what better way to call your awareness to the present than to surround yourself with things you love. Essential oil diffusers with your favourite blend, a cozy blanket to curl up with, lush plants, or a soothing playlist are all ways to enhance your environment. 


Dedicate a place in your home where you can go to when you want to meditate, practice your breathing or simply sit in stillness. Any spot will do as long as you feel safe and relaxed. The goal is to create an extra peaceful space that invites and inspires you to practice mindfulness techniques.  

FOSTER Mindfulness

Carve out time to practice mindfulness. I know it‘s difficult especially when you have to do #allthethings but even a few minutes can make a difference. Plan your outfit the night before so you can meditate in the morning; turn your TV off during meals; actively listen to your loved ones over tea; or enjoy a game night with friends. 

Mindfulness, like most things, requires practice. So, if you find your mind wandering, that’s okay. Acknowledge that, let it go, and return your awareness to the present.  

Our homes are our sanctuaries...the place where we go to rest, recharge and relax from the stressors of everyday life. And your home is the perfect place to start creating and fostering mindfulness. By doing so, we’re able to live our best lives, fully present and ready for what the world has to offer!


Jen is the cozy minimalist and interior stylist behind Lemonade Bungalow Interiors, who helps heart-centred women simplify and style their homes for a happier, more balanced life.

Helping others find the connection between our homes and our overall well-being lights a fire in this psych major's heart. She combines her training in home staging and organizing with a ‘less is more’ approach to help clients go from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to calm and inspired.

When not working one-on-one, she’s usually painting, listening to old school hip hop or hanging out at the beach.

Instagram: @lemonadebungalow
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