Community Feature: Mariah


Mariah is a former competitive dancer, but is currently a college student at OC completing an associative arts degree with focuses in psychology. She’s passionate about safe spaces, feminism, and equal rights for people from all walks of life.

Get to know Mariah More…

I have been growing in my happiness lately, I have been really mindful of what is life giving to me and what is taking away from my overall well-being - whether that is people, behaviours, or things.

In 2019 I’m being really intentional with how I talk to myself. I like to ask myself “Is this helpful? Is this necessary right now? Would I say this to a friend?”

I am so empowered by women supporting women; I’ve been taking classes at the college centerer around feminism and what it means to be a woman in 2019.

I am so passionate about social justice issues too. Throughout this last year I’ve learned so much about racism, homophobia, ableism, and fat phobia. I believe these issues are so important to talk about openly. These issues should make us all uncomfortable, and if we talk openly about them, we can understand each other better and be better advocates for each other.

I’m igniting my wildfire by loving my self and loving others well.

My Instagram handle is: @_mariahslife