Community Feature: Lindsay


Hi, I'm Lindsay. Health, fitness and nutrition have always been my passion.

I started in the fitness industry working as a group fitness instructor, which led me to further me education in personal training and nutrition.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, am a certified Personal Training Specialist though Canfitpro, am certified in Sport and Fitness Nutrition, and I’m currently working toward my Certified Holistic Nutritionist designation.

Other than fitness and nutrition, I love travel, hiking and anything outdoors!

How are you growing in new ways?

I never stop learning! I'm currently in school to become a nutritionist. As well, I ensure I keep up to date on the latest health, fitness and nutrition information.

Every time I get a new client, I also use that as an opportunity to learn and grow. Each person is so individual and unique so this presents an opportunity to learn and grow myself as I coach my clients.

What is something you’re being intentional about in 2019?

I am new to the Kelowna area, so in 2019 I’m focusing on building new relationships, networking, and taking in everything that this amazing region has to offer.

Name something you find empowering or are empowered by?

Exercise and fitness. Being active really gives you a sense of accomplishment and confidence to become the best version of yourself :) I also find it very empowering when women support other women.

I think we should all be collaborating and uplifting others rather than competing with each other.

What is something you’re passionate about?

I am passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition and I’m passionate about coaching and educating others to make this a priority in their life as well.

I’m igniting my wildfire by…

Joining up with amazing groups such as Wildfire Women :)

My instagram link is

My website is