Community Feature: Dr. Samantha Partridge


Samantha was born and raised on Vancouver Island. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at UVic before moving to Portland to begin chiropractic school. She loves all things outdoors and you can usually find her somewhere outside.

Fitness is definitely a passion of hers, she loves CrossFit, spin and yoga. When she's not outside or exercising she LOVES to read anything from cookbooks to fiction to research (she is and always will be a huge nerd). She's new to Kelowna and open to connecting with new people so feel free to reach out to get together for a tea, wine, whatever!

How are you growing in New Ways?

Being new to Kelowna, I'm currently growing my business which I've found naturally translates into self growth as it forces you to figure out a lot of things on your own pretty quickly! I would say the challenge of owning a business everyday forces me to grow in new ways I didn't even know were possible.

What is something you’re being intentional about in 2019?

I'm trying to be intentional about taking small breaks to pause and be mindful throughout the day even if it's just for 30 seconds. As an overly anxious person this doesn't come easily to me so I have to make a conscious effort. I find it helps slow my buzzing mind!

I would say people—rather than things—are currently grabbing my attention. I am obsessed with successful and driven people. I find myself constantly wanting to know more about their strategies and habits, and hear their failures too because it helps me see the bigger picture.

Name something you find empowering or are empowered by.

I would say I am empowered by people who have the courage and drive to pursue things in life that aren't easy but they are passionate about. Also, kind people…this world gets pretty crazy so when you meet those people that manage to stay consistently kind in the face of challenge and adversity, I am just in awe.

What is something you’re passionate about?

I am passionate about helping people! That's what drove me to chiropractic; I can't say enough how much I truly enjoy helping people get out of pain, so they can move more and live an active life! I also enjoy lifestyle modification as a complement to my physical treatments.

I really think you can't treat the body in isolation from the mind (work stress, money stress, home life stress, etc) so my treatments always include some aspect of addressing lifestyle factors as well as stress management techniques.

I'm igniting my wildfire by….

…finally living out of my dream of helping people to feel better, move better and live better!

Instagram: samanthapartridgedc

Facebook page: Dr. Samantha Partridge, DC