Life Journey: Close The Chapter For The One Who Wronged You.

This topic touches quite close to home. How can you forgive someone that doesn't show any remorse or just does not care about your feelings? Feels a bit unjust doesn't it?

How frustrating it is that you hurt so bad, and the one thing that will give you some peace is hearing that individual in their words saying, " I am sorry" and for it be sincere.

I find it heart breaking in my own experience wasting the time and energy waiting for an apology. When in reality this day will never come. This is when you need to take charge. You have to forgive them so you can take back your power, get rid of the hurt and get back your heart from which they have taken. You are then able to remove this unbalanced negative influence out of your life. 

A good friend who knows some of the things I have been through sent this quote to me the other day.

It reads, "forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace".  

When I read that quote, instantly I felt a burden being lifted. Here I was given permission to let things go and you know what I was ok with that. What do I mean by that? 

Let me explain. For a very long time I felt it was entitled to me to be angry at those who hurt me in some way and so I carried a lot of anger inside of myself. As it turned out however, this had a very negative influence on my life. Eventually it got to the point where I couldn't handle the burden and stress of carrying around all this toxic waste inside myself.

The part where you have to come out as a better person and say, "I forgive you". Then you can start letting go of all that turmoil and unjust. I think that not needing a response back is what helps you become strong. 

I understand the hardest part of forgiveness is when they leave you feeling vulnerable and fighting the feeling that they are taking away your power of feeling. Leaves you thinking you could never forgive again. This can prevent you from enjoying great relationships in the future because you have this scar that has left you jaded. 

I needed to remind myself and you will to, it's not for them. You're doing it for yourself so you stop this from destroying your heart. 

I know they might not deserve it, but you do deserve the joy in your life. You look at these lost individuals and you really have to feel sorry for them. They are hurting so bad inside that only way they know how to express their feelings is by creating chaos in your life and theirs.

I'm quite sure someone close to them has wronged them their whole lives and they don't know any different, it's a learned behavior.

Let's hope they are able to see this and make the positive changes for their well being. 

The most difficult part you need to do is "let it go". So hard to hear those words Let it go! What if you don't want to let it go and forget? Then you as the hurt one has to deal with the damage left behind, to pick up those pieces that they're responsible for.

How difficult is to hear people say this to you? Don't they get it?

It would be like someone saying to a broken plate shattered into a million pieces, "okay. Let it go and put yourself together". It doesn't really work like that. It's not an overnight remedy.

Through a process however, you will be able to pick up one piece at a time and eventually, once you have dealt with the pain you can finally breathe and when you are ready, you will be able to just let it go.

Melinda Minnella

Till next time,