Part Two: Capsule Makeup Collection


In building your eye and lip collection this is when we get to have fun with color. For the most part, stick to neutrals but having a few vibrant shadows and one fantastic red lipstick will give you so many options for creating everyday looks and some special ones too. Always go for quality over quantity.



An eye shadow quad can provide with endless looks, don’t be afraid to experiment with where you apply the various shades on your eyes.

Eye Primer - this will help your shadow to stay on all day without creasing and increase color pigment

Shadow - find a palette that includes some basics like vanilla, medium brown, at least one vibrant color and a dark shading color, you will be set up to create endless looks.

Brow color - filling in your brows frames your face and will bring more attention to your brows

Eye Liner - to define your eyes

Mascara - to make your eyes pop



I always keep a pile of lipsticks in my purse. Lipstick is a powerful piece of makeup and is the quietest way to transform a look from day to night.

Lip Moisturizer - keeps your lips healthy so they look great in any lipstick

Lip Liner - to define your lips and help keep your lipstick in place.

Lipstick - choose one shade for every day and something bold for special events or days when you only have time to swipe on lipstick

Lip gloss - for an effortless everyday look or topping on lipstick to create the illusion of a bigger pout.

Makeup is an art, there are no rules just techniques and with these basic tools, you will be able to create so many looks for yourself. Experiment every day and don’t be afraid to use makeup for purposes other than what it was created for like blush for eye shadow or lipstick as cream blush, the possibilities are endless, now isn’t that beautiful!

Questions to consider when choosing color products.

What are the various scenarios I will be wearing this makeup?
What are the key colors in my wardrobe?
How much time do I have in the morning to spend on my makeup application?

- Heather Lapier