Capsule Makeup Collection by HAL

In this series, I hope to provide you with tools to help you build a makeup collection that will stand the test of time. Products and tools you can pull from so you can put your best self into the world effortlessly as well as take you out to the most special event.

Makeup allows us to easily transform ourselves and provides us with creative expression with little commitment because at the end of the day it all washes off.

Let's fill your make drawer and travel bag with products that are not just popular but that you will use for years to come. You will start to form a relationship with them, trusting them for specific occasions, knowing they will get you where you need to go. And as you continue to reach for that lipstick that helped you land your first big deal or you put on in the car in a rush with nothing else on your face because you don't have time, you will feel empowered and nostalgic.

Part One: Brushes

I always advise that you invest in great quality brushes first, these are a key factor in creating the looks you desire. When they are cared for properly they will last you for years. I have had some of my makeup brushes for over 10 years. Here are the brushes you need to get started.

Powder Brush - used for loose and pressed powders

Blush Brush - used for blush and bronzer

Brow Brush - for applying brow powder and blending any brow color

Fluffy Shadow Brush - to apply your base shadow

Contour Shadow Brush - to apply your crease or transition color

Liner Brush - to apply liquid liner and smudge shadow into your lash line

Makeup Sponge - to apply liquid foundation

Part Two: Face

An even skin tone makes your beautiful and unique features stand out. Here are the essential makeup pieces for creating a fresh complexion.

Primer - This creates an even canvas and helps your foundation to stay in place all day. There are primers for various skin types so consider if you need one that is hydrating or mattifying before you make your choice.

Foundation - Whether you choose a liquid or powder, full coverage or light, have a professional color match you in a store if possible. The right shade makes all the difference.

Concealer - will hide blemishes and brighten your under eye

Bronzer - can be used to warm your complexion and contour

Blush - gives youthful color to your cheeks

Building your capsule makeup collection is very similar to building a capsule wardrobe, you want to focus first on classic items that can easily be mixed and matched to create tons of looks for years to come. It might take time to build this collection as a majority of these items could be investment pieces but it will be worth the wait to save and add items as you can. When it comes to trends, that’s where you can save on your items.

Questions to consider when choosing face makeup. Answering these will help you choose the best formula for your needs.

What is my skin type?
How long does my makeup normally last on my skin throughout the day?
What are some skin areas of concern?

To Be Continued...

- Heather Lapier