The Conversation with Dr. Krista Hennigar

What was the path that led you to discover your passion for health and wellness?

I always knew I wanted to be in the industry of helping others. Initially I thought about doing chiropractic medicine, however, I took time off after my first year of college to work for my dad in the utility construction industry. After a couple of years I realized I wanted to get back towards my goal of creating a career around helping others. I had seen a naturopathic doctor myself and found their work and approach to medicine fascinating. I decided to look into the process further and everything miraculously fell into place, allowing me to know it was meant to be. 

After graduating and getting your career started, what's the biggest thing you have learned about yourself so far?

I have learned that tenacity is at my core. I have been pushed to the brink stress-wise, and while at times many would have considered tossing in the towel (who knew first year of business could have so many ups and downs!?) I continued to come back each time more fired up and ready to power through than before.  I like to think it comes from my Grandma who turned 90 years old this year and is still as active, independent, and tenacious as ever.

What's your big dream for your life?

I have always felt it is important to have multiple dreams on the go…not to avoid focusing on one big dream, but to ensure I have dreams in ALL aspects of my life. It can be really easy to get caught up in one dream, only to realize you are giving up/sacrificing other aspects of your life. So for me I have dreams for my business and career, dreams for myself to physically achieve, dreams for my relationships, and dreams for my travels. Some of my current ones include:

  • Business/Career: to influence people’s mindset of medicine…to help people realize that they shouldn’t have to choose or seek “alternative medicine” options, but instead to realize that integration of all forms of medicine is truly where health optimization is at.  

  • Physically: I would love to get back into swimming.

  • Relationship: I feel like I am currently achieving this one romantically as I couldn’t be happier with my partner. I would love to make more connections friends wise in Kelowna though, and am always looking to connect with like minded women! 

  • Travel: I really want to explore Europe further…Croatia, Spain, and Greece being at the top of my list.

Do you have any self-care tips from a health standpoint for other busy babes out there?

Self care is so INDIVIDUAL. We are always led to believe we need to drink wine in a bathtub with rose petals and Enya…and while that works wonderful for some, it isn’t the only answer. Physically I LOVE and greatly value IV therapy. This allows for those cellular building blocks to go immediately enter into the blood stream. As well, because it takes a minimum of 30 minutes, I always ensure I turn my phone off and just try and breathe/meditate during that time and soak in the time for me. Another one of my favourite self care tips is to not be afraid or feel guilty for taking advantage of meal prep services (Eg. Chef’s Plate, Hello Fresh etc). Accountability is a key aspect of self care as well…have a friend you check in with, or sign up with a trainer you trust, or for a class you are interested in…all of these things force us to be consistent. I always try and ask patients who are struggling with self care what they are passionate about, and what brings them joy, and then help them create a self care plan around that. 

What does women’s empowerment look like for you?

Empowerment is all about strength. The strength to chase that dream…the strength to end that relationship…the strength to trust your gut instinct, even when it goes against logic…the strength to know you are worthy of happiness…the strength to take control of your own life. Empowerment is also a process, which means it isn’t about a destination but instead about an ongoing journey in finding ways to continue to gain confidence and persevere on. Just like self care, empowerment is also individual, and I am always amazed at the incredible ways many women are expressing empowerment in their lives and their businesses. 

If you could share one piece of advice to a room full of wild dream chasers, what would you say?

Ditch the scarcity mentality. There is enough for all to go around and you don’t need to be an entrepreneurial martyr. Yes we are consistently told to be different, be unique, find a niche etc, however, we don’t need to get caught up in the idea that competition is a bad thing. There are countless studies showing that businesses actually do better with other similar businesses around. The best examples of this are car dealerships and fast food restaurants. So while I am not suggesting we all saddle up and work next door to our competition, I am suggesting we adjust our attitudes of “me vs you” and instead focus on how we can all exist and work together for bettering whatever our business is. Trust me, when you ditch the attitude of scarcity, abundance will flow. 

What's next for you Krista? Anything exciting coming up next?

We are celebrating being open for a year September 15th and I could not be more excited about it. More businesses fail within the first year than any other year, and to know that our business is already exceeding our initial expectations brings a wave of emotion over me…I am truly humbled by the people of Kelowna and can’t wait to see what the next 10+ years bring as we continue to bring care to this incredible community.   

How can people get in contact with you?

I am quite active and reachable on my Instagram (@drhennigar). Alternatively if you are looking to become a patient you can book for initial visits or even a free 15 minute meet and greet. Our website has more information and a contact form as well