So Lovely So Free Rally

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🌼Introducing the So Lovely, So Free Rally 🌼

As we walk out our wildest dreams, the power of our minds plays a massive part in our daily lives. The average human brain has up to 50,000 thoughts per day, and that is a whole lot of chatter. 

How many of us struggle with the following repeating thoughts:

🌸I am not enough
🌸I am not beautiful
🌸I am not worthy of love
🌸I am not qualified
🌸I am a failure
🌸I am …
And the list of unbelief and lies goes on.

At the end of the day, being aware of our thoughts can allow us to switch our thoughts into truths, instantly transforming and renewing our minds. 

🌼This is where YOU come in!!!🌼

We want to rally all ladies to share your stories and spark conversation. We want to bring more freedom and greater awareness to the story you are uniquely creating. 

⭐️1. Think about something (a lie or unbelief) you have been having a hard time overcoming lately.  
⭐️2. After you write out your short story, think about what truth you’ll replace that lie with. 
⭐️3. Next, take a photo of yourself holding up your truth on the piece of paper.
⭐️4. Post your unbelief story + the picture of your truth on social media using the hashtag #solovelysofree

🌼During this rally we will be resharing your stories through our social media, posting activations for you to join in on, and writing new articles that relate to this topic.🌼

🌸We believe when we share our stories, it gives room for others to know they aren’t alone, it allows freedom to enter new places in your hearts, and it opens the conversation that can impact many lives. 

🌷We believe when we change our thoughts, we change our world. 

🌺So, you ready to stomp on the lies and share your photos of truth?! 🌺

🌿You are lovely. You are free. #solovelysofree🌿