Life Journey: Struggle with Weight Loss

I have always thought that if I was 30 lbs lighter, or thinner, my life would be great. Maybe I would get respect from men. Maybe they would find me more attractive and appealing.

So that's what I did. I lost the weight but then something happened. I realized I was still having the same issues. It was at this time I realized it was all about my mind set. If you don't think you are good enough, you will feel that this is how people are looking at you. I was getting in the way of my own happiness, not anyone else. I made it more difficult by weighing myself down with negative thoughts. At this point, I knew I had to make some goals. 

My advice to you. Take the time to mentally prepare yourself week by week. Invest the time into your health. It's in your control. 

Whenever I start to lose motivation, I also notice changes start to happen, and not for the better. My health would start to suffer and I would begin to feel like giving up. To keep on track, you need to accept that there will be setbacks. The key is, keep pushing on. I constantly have to keep an eye on my eating habits. When I have a slip, I pick up where I left off and look forward to the next day. 


When I found my strength, it became easier to get back in the swing of things. I like to look at my week, what I have planned and then prepare for that. It definitely takes time, but I do it all in one night. It's done and my week is much easier. Always keep in mind this will help with your self image, worth, physical and mental strength. This will help drive you forward and help you to keep making progress by challenging yourself in every way. 

Discipline is key to helping with weight loss struggles.

Dig deep and write down the reasons why you are trying to accomplish your goal. Are you wanting to run around with your children, or grandchildren? Maybe it's for your special day, or just your everyday good living. Remind yourself everyday what your goal is and keep pursuing it. You will do great.

Emotional eating. That's me. Breakup with boyfriend, family drama, employment issues.

It's so easy at times like this to hit the closest drive-thru and find comfort. But this usually leads to the feelings of guilt and leaves you in a bad way. 

Don't turn to food for comfort. Turn to your loved ones. Or even keep a journal where you can pour out your heart and your real feelings. Spill your guts. It's been doing me a world of good. 

Thank you for listening. 

Till next time

- Melinda Minnella