The Power of Your YES!

Photo Credit: Mike Vlasaty - Kitsch Winery

Photo Credit: Mike Vlasaty - Kitsch Winery

Guess what?! 

You don’t need to have it all figured out to move forward in your life!!


You are fully allowed to be a hot mess and a masterpiece simultaneously! 


Let’s be honest, we all have struggled with the big word “TRUST" at one point or another in our lives.
The truth is, people will come and go. 
There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven. 

And then there is God.

Trusting the Lord, His steadfastness, His plans.. walking by faith and not by sight has it’s times where its peaceful and easy and its times when it feels anxious and hard. Especially when it involves more than just yourself… when it’s your spouse and children too, it can easily add to the pressure! 

The truth is He rewards those who diligently seek Him. He is Faithful in all of His ways, He is for you and not against you! He has a plan for you!

In this Journey we call life, doors close and in turn new doors open. 
Maybe that’s not the case for you? Maybe all you see is closed doors… everyone else gets the new doors opening up for them and you find yourself struggling to believe there are greater things for you.

Truth is…
There is.. and you hold the key to it!

It all comes down to your perspective.
What you love, you empower.
What you fear, you empower.
What you empower, you attract!

Pay close attention to your perspective in all things!

Here is a tool you can be proactive with:
Take a moment to reflect on this powerful truth.
What do you find you are empowering in your life? 
Write it down.

Extract the precious from the worthless and hold fast to what is good.

Sometimes you need to let go of the “control" ,“certainty”, and “security” we place in all kinds of things, close your eyes, say yes to God and jump!
His Super to your natural breaks all impossibilities!

Walking by faith with your Yes to God will be one of the most liberating choices you will ever make, not to mention the growth and fun it will involve!

I am currently living this in my life and I am tasting and seeing that the Lord is good in different ways, far beyond what I could think of or imagine…. for me! 
That His promises really are true! 

Be encouraged!

“For if you live by fear you will have the fear stories and if you live by faith you will have the faith stories!”
-John Perks
Breakthrough Ministries 

Don’t measure your success with someone else’s ruler. Your journey is yours. 

Don’t have expectations for others to understand it, or approve of it. 

Each step you take towards your goal and dream is a success. Including the setbacks that really, are just set ups for greater outcomes! You owe it to yourself, the world and the fire burning inside of you to pursue what sets your soul on fire and to do so passionately!

Do what you need to do and surround yourself with who you need to and set your path ablaze!!!

Much Love,
- Jen Anderson