In the midst of it all - Part Two

Photo Credit: Mike Vlasaty - Kitsch Winery

Photo Credit: Mike Vlasaty - Kitsch Winery

Through the past 10 years of my life, it has been a lot of figuring out what my dreams are. Many times it was me trying new things, starting new projects, changing jobs, going to school etc…

It was really hard for me, because I knew I wanted to do something BIG, but I knew the path ahead of me wasn’t going to be normal or easy. I had a deep desire to make an impact and create!

And yes I was right - It has been far from being NORMAL OR EASY to say the least! 

What is normal anyways?

It has involved major risk, going against the grain, trying new things and many up and down roller coaster moments!

Basically looking back over the last 10 year - It’s been a girl on a big old adventure. Sometimes all over the place, trying to figure out LIFE! 

Now I’m currently laughing…. Haha. 

I bet others looking in on my life, have thought - wow that chick is really crazy and is doing all sorts of things. 

But honestly, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I have realized through all my creating, failed projects, job changes, travel adventures, failed relationships, school lessons etc… I still stand strong in what I believe in.

I am a woman...
Who isn’t afraid to just go for it.
Who wants to impact people’s lives.
Who wants to make a difference on this world. 
Who wants to create.
Who loves big.
Who seeks adventure.

I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today and have the story that I have - if I didn’t try some things along the way. I wouldn’t have known what I was really called to do.

But yes, it’s hard at times to chase your dreams. Sometimes those dreams may change throughout the years and get refined.

And yes I have moments of dealing with my own inner battles and insecurities.

One thing right now that’s been really weighing in on me is...

I’m not where I want to be in life - not even close! I’m very futuristic and a visionary, so I struggle sometimes with living in the NOW. You hear me all my futuristic and visionary friends!!! 

When I haven’t seen someone for awhile and they ask … 

What are you up to these days? 

My inner reaction at times is screaming inside filled with insecurities… 

“Well the last time I saw you - I was there and now I’m here!" 

Your inner fears - they somehow creep up and they say “You aren't gaining any head way, you're incapable." That battle seems to never end!

But through me sharing this, I hope maybe others will connect so we can encourage one another in the midst of it all. 

So Girl - Let’s be women who are unstoppable! Pick up your sword when you have to fight those battles - and know you’re loved. When others say your dreams are crazy… just laugh. 

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you. 

I will finish this series with this - let’s stop hiding behind the mask, but pull it off and make room for Vulnerability. We need each other - Women Uniting together is Powerful! Sharing our hearts with one another is a beautiful thing. 

I’m looking forward in doing life with you more and create a Super Dope Sisterhood!


Brittney Andreesen