It's time to Cross over


I do not know if it's like that for you, but it seems that some seasons of life never seem to end. They are often like a Russian mountain where life does not take long to remind us of the things of the past that are not yet completed and dealt with.

It is easy to lose the focus of our identity by identifying with what is happening outside, and losing hope that the situation we are going through can change. You might be tempted to change the environment around you thinking that this is the solution to your happiness, but the truth is you need to look inside in order to see the real change happens.

To give an example; for several years I wanted to leave and run away from home because I could not overcome what was happening inside me. I often thought the escape was the answer to breakthrough what was happening inside. Another example; I often changed furniture and fittings in the house thinking that I would feel better inside. It worked for a while, but left me with a dissatisfaction.

In truth, I was afraid of seeing myself as I was. I protected myself for fear of being controlled and manipulated when in reality it was me who was controlled.

It was unconscious, but it was impacting my life and my family. Control is a fear that creates resistance to keep people away from ourselves by trying to control everything. The reality is, it is our emotions and fears that control us more than we control.

I know that my spouse and my family suffered from my behavior which prevented them from fully being themselves. I was often in reaction with my environment and especially with those I love most. It is as if I had a wild beast in me ready to roar when something disturbed me. I knew something had to change in me.

It is important to let God heal our souls and be transformed to be able to contain the presence of the Holy Spirit in us.

The word tells us that new wine can not be put into old bottles (Matthew 9:17).

We can not keep moving forward in life thinking that time is going to fix things without investing in deep work.

As I mentioned at the beginning, sometimes the seasons do not seem to end, but thank God that every season has an end. God is our hope for breakthrough that need to change. Each of us has his own season, but there is also the season in which the Church is going through.

God has His perfect plan, but we need to align ourselves with Him.

We need to be aware of the disappointments and experiences of the past that are often a hindrance to our breakthrough in what God has for us. We can limit ourselves to going further by fear of repeating the past and that nothing happens but on the spoken words of Jesus we can go forward in full water without being afraid to sink (Luke 5:4-6).  Even if it is the Thirtieth time that you make the same action and nothing changes, continues until you get your breakthrough.

We have to trust God for who He is!

You might need to forgive those who have offended you as he has forgiven you, and obey his voice to keep your heart in peace. Obedience to the word and voice of God gives us protection and happiness and demonstrates the Father's affection for each one of us. What father would not want the best for his child?

Many prophets recognize that we are entering a new season. God is about to do something new and we must be ready for what is coming.

It is now time to let go of the past and cross the river even if sometimes we advance against the current. We must let go of what has kept us too long !!

Let’s align our hearts and voices with our Heavenly Father to conquer what already belongs to us to see the Glory of God manifest as ever in our lives, our families, and our Nation.

It's time to cross over !!

- Christine Cloutier
Artist - Mother - Artrepreneur