In the midst of it all - Part One

Photo Credit: Mike Vlasaty - Kitsch Winery 

Photo Credit: Mike Vlasaty - Kitsch Winery 

As I’m sitting here… I wasn’t sure exactly what to write about in this series. But I knew I needed to talk about the importance of being vulnerable. I believe vulnerability needs to happen more often as we create a safe place to do so. 

It’s scary to get real, raw and vulnerable at times. You fear you may be judged or looked down upon. But I think there is something really special and powerful that comes out of our vulnerability. 

Being vulnerable means tearing down your walls at times - and sometimes it can help tear down other peoples' walls. When this process happens, you can start creating an atmosphere of - “Come as you are -nobody's perfect - we all have things we are going through - but let's take the road of finding Freedom together."

Right now on Social Media, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. You see the girl who has the hot husband, the best clothes, travels the world, has cute kids and her meals look like they just landed from heaven. 

You think she has it all together, she looks happy and seems super confident.  

But all of a sudden in the midst of you comparing your life to hers, she now posts a vulnerable post on Instagram and tells her followers something she’s been struggling with. You’re now shocked, because that exact same insecurity she is dealing with is the same one you're struggling with.

So in the midst of the comparison - somehow it switched to something powerful! Vulnerability presented itself, which created a space for real conversations to be made. Now you know you aren’t alone and you can connect with her in a new way. 

So let’s take the masks off ladies and get real with one another. We are on the journey together, creating space for freedom to enter the room. 

To be Continued… 

Brittney Andreesen