Small Ways To Treat Yourself This Mothers Day

Some may consider it selfish but I consider it survival. When I am feeling worn out, I do my best to make time for small indulgences to recharge my batteries and ensure I am my best for those I care for each day. Here are some small ways I take care of me.

Take a long shower or bath with the door locked (when dad is home to supervise of course). My 2 year old loves to burst into the bathroom and chat but sometimes I just want to shower in peace. I often pray when I am quietly alone too, which is always very calming for my soul. 

Stop drop and yoga. I love yoga because all I need is my body, it can even be done without the mat. This is a workout I can do while the kids play around me and 5 minutes in the morning does wonders for waking up my body and brain. 

Take time to wash your face at the end of a long day. I have many days where I don’t leave the house or my pjs. Even if I didn’t have any makeup on that day, it always feels good to wash off the day. 

Apply moisturizer all over your body. I have actually been loving body oils lately and they give me an extra luxurious feeling throughout the day. 

Spritz on your favourite perfume. Even if I am just going to be home with the kids all day, I always feel extra special when I am wearing my favourite perfume and I know my husband loves it too. 

Listen to an inspirational podcast. Its hard to make time to sit and read or listen to a podcast quietly. I love to throw on a podcast while I play on the floor with the kids, prep dinner or am on route walking to the park. The adult stories really get my thoughts stimulated in a positive direction. 

I would love to know some ways that you care for yourself, please comment below. 

- Heather Lapier