Center View: Building The You Inside Of You!


How often have we started out in the day, the alarm clock goes off, dressed in forty-five minutes, breakfast sometimes or not and out the door in five.  

Moving in our actions, or even beginning to share in conversations with those all around us not realizing this is a present moment of being in the now.  Taking our time to embrace our thoughts of love and why we love whats been created.  

The sounds that capture our hearing, the sight that carries our vision near and far for miles, our feelings of what we feel and how we want to hold fast to the truth of what we feel, wether it’s having the right of being right or being honest with ourselves and admit I’m now embodied within the space of my right of being wrong.  

May I ask… in your thinking where are you now and how long will you be their ? And how far are you willing in your mind to travel in peace?  

Perhaps many would agree their present now has been and is always designed by a choice of our very own choosing.  In any moment be mindful under your present circumstances you own the opportunity of every moment of living in the now. 

Written by,

LuGina C. Horton