When We Forget to Cultivate Joy

Our generation has been taught that all we need in life is to be “happy”. And to go out and find your “happy” and DO what makes you “happy.” But unfortunately, happiness can change…it can ebb and flow with your life circumstances.

But JOY is totally different. 

Joy is more of a constant. More of a DEEP down, in-the-nitty-gritty-parts-of-your-soul way of living. JOY comes from something, somewhere and from someone, so much bigger than ourselves. 

Joy can stand the test of time - and the test of ups and downs in our lives. 

I have a friend and mentor that keeps reminding me to CULTIVATE JOY in my everyday life.
I so badly want to ooze joy and have it spill over into my marriage, my kids, my business, my friendships….but here’s the thing - I can't give what I don't have.

I need to remember CULTIVATE joy by taking time to REFILL my own cup. 
I can't overflow JOY from a place of burnout. 
Think about it…who benefits if I'm NOT refilling my cup?? Certainly not my family, friends or ME. 

So how do I refill my cup?? First, I need to ask for help. I pray. I surrender. I ask God to fill me with HIS joy.

Then, I ask friends and family to help me with my kids when I need it. I ask my husband to make dinner when I'm exhausted and stretched to my limit. I make a good cup of coffee and blast Hillsong worship music. I sit in the sunshine and marinate in gratitude. I accept that I can't be all of the things to all of the people. I study my kids little faces and soak in their “littleness”  when they are watching a movie or taking a nap. I live from a place of knowing that tomorrow is not promised. 

I remember that I don’t have to have my crap together. 
I remind myself about this thing called GRACE.

And I bless and release the things I can't control.

How are YOU going to cultivate JOY in your life, sweet friend?

By: Cherisse Redmond