How to Win Without Competing

I’m all about winning. Now wait, I don’t mean in a way where I’m trying to be ‘the’ best. No, I mean, I’m all about doing ‘my’ best and that to me is winning.    
That doesn’t mean I haven’t failed, ohhh I’ve failed. Yes many times. But failure is not something that’s meant to push us away or stop us. It’s a part of the building and learning process. Failure only means you need to try a different approach or work harder. That’s all.

Don’t let small thinking cut your life down to size. Think big. Aim high. Act bold. If you do this, you’ll see just how big you can seriously blow up your life.

I want to share 10 things you need to pay attention to Become the best version of yourself:


You can’t make excuses and be happy at the same time. Remember, what you’re telling yourself is what you’re believing and what you believe will be true for you.


It kills progress. Let it go. Figure out what causes you to procrastinate and cut it off.  Whether it’s a thing, a person, laziness or your health, deal with it.  If you don’t have a big enough ‘why’ to do whatever it is you desire to do and BE, you will procrastinate. Time is something you cannot get back. Just do it!


Transformation is about surrendering things and people that no longer serve a purpose in your life. Not because we’re getting older and our lives are in decline but because they’re on an incline. Travelling upwards means we simply let go of the baggage.

Your Environment

This has to do with your space. Where you lay your head. Your working environment. Your mind cannot be open for change when your living and working space is not in order. Take this week and the next 2 weeks to get organized. I can’t think straight in a mess. If my space is a mess, my mind is a mess too. Work on one room at a time. This will drastically change the way you feel on the inside.

Stop Sleeping Around (No it’s not what you think)

I trust we’re all seeking to grow personally and professionally. Right? The problem is we’re following to many guru’s. Too many idols. If I can call them that. With social media and YouTube, there are literally thousands of speakers and coaches throwing things at us for free. Webinars, podcasts and live streaming…it doesn’t stop. But I want YOU to STOP. Just pick 1-3 people that you admire and want to learn from. Someone’s who’s doing exactly what you want to do. Watch their videos, read their books, listen to their audios and study them one at a time. Currently, I’m loving Marianne Williamson and Marie Forleo. A year ago, I was reading all of Joyce Meyer’s books.  

So pick your 1-3 favorites and then listen, learn, apply and step it up. You can’t possibly focus on your life plan when you’re all over the place. You won’t remember half of what you’re reading or listening too.

Be consistent. 
Consistency = Breakthrough’s

Don’t try to go to the gym 5 days a week when you haven’t gone for an entire year. Start by going 3 days’ a week on the same days- every week. Or if you’re writing a book, write for 20 minutes a day. That’s all. But do it every day. If you’re working on building your website. Schedule 1 hour a day to work on that plan. Just be consistent.


Yes, you CAN stay away from the strawberry cheese cake. Consistency gives birth to discipline. The more often you do something, the easier it becomes and the more you get done. 

Bad Habits

We all know what they are. Identify them and figure out how you’re going to eliminate them. You already know their serving you no purpose. Identify where you need to be, who you desire to be and what you need to eliminate to get there. You can’t build a life until you’ve pulled together all the things you’ve finally come to understand about yourself.


Your feelings come from your thoughts. Change your thoughts and get out of the way of your feelings. They will destroy you. They will trick and misguide you. Choose principles over feelings. Principles = Rewards.


I cannot stress this enough; invest in your self development. Take online course. Read a chapter a day. Listen to podcasts. Attend webinars. Study personal and professional development material and write. Education produces options. Practice your craft. 

Look, I want you to feel, smell and hear what it feels like to win. When you win, you don’t waste time like you use too. You don’t self sabotage yourself like you use too. You don’t think or talk like you use too. How do you win? You give it ‘your’ best. You put in 1% more today than you did yesterday. If you’re growing 15 more each day, then you’re winning.

In Health and with Love, Elizabeth