How Making My Health A Priority Changed Everything

I remember stuffing myself with double stuffed Oreos every night while watching TV. Then once I realized that half of the pack was gone, I’d stand up with tears in my eyes and start doing “squats” to try and desperately make up for eating crap - because the shame and guilt was too much to bear.

I had no direction and NO clue where to begin when it came to losing the baby weight and getting healthy. I had two little baby boys back to back (it felt like that, anyway) - I had gained weight during, and in between both pregnancies. I was flat out miserable in my own body. 

To numb myself from the shame and keep myself semi-sane with two little ones - I’d eat, watch every season of Real Housewives ever made, shop online (in between changing diapers and folding laundry) and do it all over again the next day. 

Then one night out of desperation - I reached out to an old friend on Facebook, who I've seen have success in her own health journey.

That same week, I set up my Home Workout DVD’s, made a list of clean eating grocery lists, and made up these little color containers that helped me portion out my food. Then I joined an Online Community of Women - ALL who were doing the same thing as me!

I freaking HATED it. The first month was pure torture. I was not used to spending 30 minutes working out! It was hard, and required commitment which meant I had to actually put myself FIRST again. I was SORE in places I didn’t know existed! I was grumpy that I was eating “clean” and had cut down on my portions...meanwhile my husband still ate whatever he fancied. (Guys metabolisms…am I right?!)

But this amazing community of women had me coming back for more every day. They were more excited for my victories than I even was. By month two - I had started to embrace this new journey. I was putting my workouts and my health on my list of TOP priorities and little by little, I was changing. Not just physically - but MENTALLY. All of a sudden I had DRIVE again. I didn’t feel sluggish and lazy - I became, dare I say it, DISCIPLINED! When I got my sweat on in the morning, I was patient and more relaxed during the day. I had reignited a spark in me, that I thought was long gone. I had something to look forward to everyday that was just for ME. 

Making my Health and Fitness a Priority was hard - but I’ll never go back to my old “Oreo & Squats” lifestyle again! The domino effect of getting healthy in every area of my life...was worth all of the Sweat and Tears. 

Written by, 

Cherisse Redmon