Center View

Building.... the you inside of you! 

Love who you love... Love is always. Love is the central core of who we are. The message of love is found in the Sound of Music, Television, Movies, Books and Magazines. Love is shared in the topic of every conversation - never far from our thoughts. 

Where do we search for genuine knowledge in the focus of love? Many believe love is attraction...those butterfly funny feelings. Yet to discover...broken relationships, failed marriages and split families, this leaves us to there something wrong with the way we view and think of love? 

Being objective says that I'm mature enough to be open, leaving all of life's prejudices out of sight. Let us understand the "God" kind of love. The very nature of who He is. Not an emotion...just an attitude of the heart. 

I believe God loves us! Why God loves us is the never ending question. Love with a "why" is love with conditions. 

God's love is unconditional. We were created to receive God's divine love, known as Agape Love (highest form of love). God expresses his love to everyone, and his people whom he created have the opportunity to give him love back. 

The Agape king of love doesn't choose who to love rather to just love. God's love is everlasting, never fades and never quits. God is love and love gives. He is the giver of Love. The scripture states in Timothy 1:7 that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. 

Power to walk in authority gives us it relates to loving one another. Love because he desires for us to experience the totality of his love, that conquers and covers a multitude of sins...even when we fall short of loving one another. 

A sound mind says I'm disciplined to not only possess self control as the giver of love. But to walk in sound judgement and know how to love yourself in the process. God the creator of all mankind wants you to receive and become the giver of that same love. 

Love who you love! 

Written by, 

Lugina Horton