Risking a Dream

We all get to that moment. We finally figure out what we want to do but the leap seems impossible to reach. Some will stop here, quit, forfeit, or maybe even compromise with completing half of it. Sometimes we can even second guess dreams or wants and convince ourselves that our current discomfort is actually something we can get used to and be comfortable with. Uh… No. That’s not the point of having dreams, friends! 

Perhaps we are afraid to dream because we fear disappointment in not reaching those goals? Failure will put us at the same place we are now, just a little more bruised, right? But what if the Lord told you that he wants to give you your dreams, because he was the one that put those dreams in you? What would that look like? Take a moment and think about that.

It might require a lot of hard work, discipline, and perseverance. Hebrews 12:11 says, “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Have you ever tried working out, or tried to accomplish a goal? The feeling after completion is unreal! It pushes us to try again. 
A prophetic speaker told me that the Lord wants to give me my dreams. I nodded, and probably laughed a little inside. I doubted that statement, mostly because I felt like my dreams were no longer worth pursuing. I had a lot of dreams, and I felt as if nothing was really working out how I hoped...so why hope? 

But, I couldn’t get that statement out of my head. I started questioning what that could mean – Could I start hoping for my dreams again? What’s worse – the fear of disappointment, or disappointment itself? The fear is worse! Disappointment itself is based on the risk of trying, and a lot is learned in that active process. I don’t believe we can regret the try when it comes to our dreams. Instead, I believe God honors our tries and uses them to take us further because of the faith required to put ourselves out there. 

One of my dreams was to live in California for at least 3-6 months. There’s a lot required to get there, and I was super comfortable and committed to what I was doing. In fact, I didn’t want to disappoint people by quitting or leaving. You know those thoughts? Sometimes God intervenes when we become complacent. Roles and jobs change. Hearts become discontented. It can be as if God asks “Umm.. what was your dream again? Are you going to achieve it by choosing comfort because I’m taking that away to get you to act?" 

I became active and researched moving. Doors were opened...jobs were offered. Within 8 months of choosing to dream again, I was working full time in California on a 3 year Visa. 
It was the hardest dream to pursue – second only to my Masters Degree. Moving to a different country on your own takes A LOT of work and A LOT of stepping out. It was so worth it though. I feel unbelievably alive. 

If I could encourage you in anything...it is that God will open your doors if you choose to risk it; if you choose to dream; if you choose to endure hardship for the harvest of righteousness and peace. 

Don’t get comfortable in complacency, because your fear of disappointment can keep you from risking. The leap and discipline is always worth it. 
What do you need to start dreaming or risking again?

Written by, 

Sharlene O'Reilly

FaithSharlene O'Reilly