Life Journey: Take Charge



I have decided to take charge of my life. It's time to stop sitting around and waiting for things to happen. Only one way this is happening, and it's all in my control.

Who is with me?

First things first. We need to eliminate the negative thoughts that keep taking over. Get them right out of here. Stop letting them dictate how we are living our lives now and into the future. Time to start living life the way it's suppose to be lived! With joy & happiness. Do not let anyone mess that up for you.

Second thing we need to do to work on this goal is to decide what kind of life we want. After the direction has been chosen, we need to stop getting in our own way. This is where we can so easily allow those negative thoughts to sneak back in. Do not allow them in.

Third step. We need to stay bright, positive and truly believe we can be great. Belief in yourself will allow you to turn your joys into reality. Everyday, make it your goal to focus on life and to keep it positive. If you have a bad day, put it behind you. You have the power to overcome a set back and turn it into a positive.

Our fourth and final step. Do not let yourself be held back with feelings of guilt because you want to do something extraordinary for yourself. You're allowed. In my personal experience, I have allowed feelings of guilt to stop me from focusing on my own happiness. Do not let it stop you from living your life. Everybody deserves to be happy with their own life. I have recently acknowledged this and it is has become my motivating force. Find what drives you and keep that in your mind at all times.

Let's make the decision that we will achieve our goals, and let's support each other with positivity.

We will accomplish our goals!

Till next time,

 - Melinda Minnella