You Are More Than

I have hardly written anything here lately. I have been inspired, but my heart hasn't been ready to show it. Maybe it's me being scared, nervous, and so much more. However I had this photo on my on this new day review from 3 years ago. 

3 years I was in relationship in which I thought at the time was Godly. It wasn't by any means. It wasn't until my relationship now that I finally have put God in the middle and forefront of it. 

God has been showing me a lot since this past June. That's when I finally gave it to all to God.Myself, my troubles, my past, my present, my future. 

I know some people that might find that shocking, but it's the truth. I put on such a mask for years. I still struggle everyday with my past, but I know God has wiped it all clean.

I will definitely write more about all of this. I'm still processing all of this because it's part of my amazing, crazy, beautiful testimony. I hope you all ready for this crazy new adventure! 

A Series Written by,

Kaitlyn Cartlon