It's Time For Women To Arise


I am truly blessed and excited to be able to contribute in your life, through my monthly sharing. In return, to also hear your stories etc..

As the months goes by, I will share my different experiences about personal and family relationships in order to inspire you and create a personal reflection about your life. Whether we like it or not, our closest relationship is the one we have with ourselves. Regardless of the Intellectual, Cultural, Religious and Family Backgrounds...we carry in in ourlives, our perception of who we are, is reflected in our relationships with others and in our daily choices.

There is a word from the bible saying that " your neighbor as yourself"...Matthew 22:39. It is a very simple and powerful declaration that is worth pondering to understand better what is happening inside of us, in order to examine our behavior towards our neighbor. For how can we really love our spouse, our children and those around us if we do not really love each other? How we can say that we love God that we never seen, if we don't love our neighbors? 

This brings me to talk about the inner healing journey and the importance of self-acceptance - that I will be sharing more in detail in the coming months. Sooner or later, life forces us to face our inner secret world - in order to blossom and become the extraordinary woman hidden in each of us. The journey of inner healing and personal development often leads us to make change - to better free ourselves from the things of the past that are often found in our path of life.

Human nature often has a tendency to resist change for fear of; the unknown, of insecurity, or because of relationship with the past. It is often the little girl in us, who resists change the most and is afraid for all sorts of reasons. Change requires a great deal of courage, vulnerability and a willingness to change and live the life we are called to live.

If we want something new, we have to be ready to look inside. Not just when there are crises, but on a regular basis (as we do for our car) if we want to keep it for long. We should examine ourselves in order to see the real change we want to see in we stop reproducing the same past...if we want to grow and have relationships that last for long.

In conclusion, I believe it's time for women of all ages to rise up inside by embracing who they are - realizing their great value and the reason for their existence for such as time as this.

Let women arise from one heart and voice - walking hand in hand with her Creator - for the Advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and for the Transformation of Present and Future Generations.

Written by, 

Christine Cloutier