Insecurity For Faith

I use to be a very insecure person, always questioning and second guessing everything I say and do. I definitely still have areas of my life that I am insecure about, but my confidence grows everyday as I get older...learning to trust myself more about who I am in God. 

Being at home with my two children most of the time, sometimes leaves me feeling a little isolated and insecure about my efforts as a mother and entrepreneur. In both roles, motherhood and running your own business; there is no one providing you with a quarterly review, or letting you know the areas you are performing well in, or the areas you need to improve in. I prayed a lot before stepping onto the path I am currently on, but when things get challenging I still struggle to stand sure footed solely on the truth of God. When I hit a road block, I start questioning my path and start looking around for answers... simply to come up tired and right back where I started. Then with nowhere else to turn, I find my answer again in God. 

I want to stop looking to God last. He has always taken care of me in amazing ways, even when I didn't realize he was working. Instead of looking to God last, I want to try to look at him first. I need to remember, his past faithfulness...and live with bold hope doing what I need to be doing each day. When needed, The Holy Spirit will correct my path through conviction.

To live on fire with unique God has uniquely created us, I think we need to realize that we won't find much reassurance from our world. We can find comfort in others who are also followers of God, but being truly set apart and original may call for a few lonely times. If I can offer you some peace when it comes to loneliness, God has never left me in those lonely times and he is probably purposefully removing us from a situation[s] that we would not benefit from. 

The more I trust the Lord, the more he leads me into deeper water. He continues to show me, that he is the one keeping me afloat. 

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!

I am learning that everything I have is a gift from God! Everything I have overcome, has been done with Gods help. Every strength I possess is a strength from God. This is important because as I get promoted in my life, it would be very easy to become proud of myself. I need to learn to feel comfortable in my own strength and forget that it was God who promoted me. I am being trained to look to God first in everything. If my reaction isn't to turn to him first when things are tough, I definitely won't look to Him with gratitude and continued guidance when things are great. 

Slowly but surely my insecurities are replaced with hope and faith. As I walk through life trusting God with my mind and by His word, and not always by how I feel or how the world makes me feel.....makes it so much more clear.

Written by Heather Lapier