We are all about gathering women globally to unite our hearts, desires and passions. In a world of many stresses, distractions, or just day to day challenges, we believe women need each other. We believe the more women that unite, the more power to influence each other positively. Community is so important, to come together with like minded people to change the world. We want to create a safe, positive platform where women can converse with each other, with no judgments. We invite you into our conversations wherever you are in life.

We are here to equip, inspire, encourage and celebrate where you are in life and to help you walk into the fullness you are created to be. Come as you are, and lets challenge each other to go higher in our dreams, visions and passions.

Lets do this together, as we are women on a mission chasing our wildest dreams! 


meet the Founder & Creator

Founded and Created by Brittney Andreesen. Wild Fire Women was birthed out of a long term passion and dream, which was in the making for years. She just didn’t have all the puzzle pieces together yet, but was on the journey to discover what she was really passionate about. 

Since Brittney graduated from High School, she has always felt called to pursue her wildest dreams. Even though at times they changed in different seasons of life or needed some fine tuning, she always went for it. 

Throughout her journey of life, she always was drawn to helping others, capturing stories, empowering women, filming and giving back to name a few. With all her experience over the years with working in Media, Entertainment and Production, she gained lots of insights of what she really feels called to do. 

If you asked her now what her wildest dreams are, she would say something like this; “I want to do things that are meaningful, that empowers others, telling stories, create, give back, start a family, travel the world and make a difference in the world.” 

So now with collecting all the puzzle pieces, and learning experiences, she is now following her heart with this project that has been in the making for years. Wild Fire Women is here! Her heart is to really see women walk in the fullness they were created to walk in...being fully alive in every area of their lives. She really feels compelled to connect with women from all walks of life, as she believes in the power of women uniting. By coming together to empower and support one another, is the best reward ever!